Complaints & Appeals Policy



Training Course Experts is committed to providing quality training and assessment in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (SRTOs 2015). As such, Training Course Experts is required to have a policy and processes in place to manage and respond to allegations involving the conduct of staff, learners and third party training and assessment providers who provide services on behalf of Training Course Experts.

This policy is based on providing and maintaining training and assessment services that are fair and reasonable and afford a forum where issues or inadequacies can be raised and resolved. This process provides opportunity for complaints to be recorded, acknowledged and dealt with in a fair, efficient and effective manner.

The object of this policy is to ensure that Training Course Experts staff act in a professional manner at all times. This policy provides clients with a clear process to register a complaint. It ensures all parties involved are kept informed of the resulting actions and outcomes.


Policy Statement


Training Course Experts acknowledges the clients’ right to lodge a complaint when they are dissatisfied with the training and /or assessment services and experiences that they have been provided by Training Course Experts.


Training Course Experts will ensure that clients have access to a fair and equitable process for expressing complaints, and that Training Course Experts will manage the complaint with fairness and equity.


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